the iRac mail and fax order form

Please print this form and return it via fax or the U.S. Mail.
See the bottom of this page for sending information.

our product

The iRac


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Ohio residents please add 7.25% sales tax ($0.72 per item) ______  
Shipping and Handling $4.00  
International orders, please get a shipping price from our info page
Total Amount Enclosed ________  
Color Selection Stainless Steel White Black

Shipping Address Information  
Your name _____________________________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________
City ____________________ State________________ Zip Code__________________
Country ____________________ Phone #_____________ email _____________________
Payment Information  
Payment Method

____Personal Check (make checks payable to The iRac)
____Money Order
____Credit Card ____ Visa _____Mastercard _____Expiration Date

Card Number _____________________________________________________________________
Name on the card _____________________________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________
City ____________________ State________________ Zip Code__________________
Please mail this order form to : The iRac
20 Elmwood Place
Athens, OH 45701
FAX this form to: 702-543-5679
  (credit card orders only, payment by check must be mailed)

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